Saturday, 1 August 2015

 Top 3 mascaras.

So I think like most guys or gals out there I struggle with finding a good mascara that works for me, spending on average £8/9 each time just for it to be placed in a draw until its found again 2 months later all dried up like a fish in the Sahara. BUT WAIT, that's right there is now hope, hope to save you some Wonga, some dosh, SOME MONEY! These are in my opinion the top 3 mascaras out there right now. FYI, my eyes are slightly rounded and slightly hooded, my eyelashes are short to medium but I have a hella lot.

Benefit 'They're Real!' mascara

Ok, so first up is the ultra famous mascara from Benefit cosmetics that claims to make my Miley Stewart lashes turn into Hannah Montana for the, not so, small price of £18..ish. I was so reluctant to buy this around the time it first came out as I was just constantly  shoving on a pair of falsies and not really bothering with mascaras but since then I have repurchased twice and I want to say this is the wonder product that prized me away from wearing falsies everyday. What sets this apart from the rest and kinda makes it unique to me is the shape of the brush, I had never really saw that in any other mascara, (if you haven't saw..seen...saw, idk but basically its like a normal thin mascara wand with a spikey ball on the end) and since my lashes are quite spread out I feel like the shape helps get all of them without making them look clumpy or spidery. Its a 10/10 from me!

Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara

This Mascara blew up out of nowhere and spread like black death so after constantly seeing it being raved about I caved in and brought it. This cost me £7.99 but as its still new I am sure there will be some sort of offers on it if you look around. This mascara is as good as, if not better than most the high end makeup brand mascaras on the market at the minute, and again has a unique shaped brush (which im literally not even going to try and describe). After using this my lashes looked so Kim K, they were so spread out and every single lash had just the right amount of product on. I could see a massive difference in the length of my lashes just after one application and it seamed to last all day although the one I got was not waterproof.  I highly recommend this guys!

Rimmel Volume Flash The MAX Mascara

I have been using and raving about this mascara since the 14 year old clumpy spider lash back combed hair stage although now, thankfully, I can use apply it properly and Im 99% sure boots still stock this mascara for around £6.50 so if you see it pick it up and give it a go, I promise you will not be disappointed. I don't have much to say about this apart from the fact that this mascara is the underdog, it deserves so much more attention because it literally makes your eyelashes look amazing, the formula for this was mixed by angles I swear!

This post is my personal opinion of products that work for me, so feel free to comment your own opinions of any of the products mentioned or any other products bellow.



  1. Great post :-)

  2. i never tried none of these before but i guess ill try one ♥

    Nique ||

    1. Honestly you should!:) I'll check out your blog now x


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