Sunday, 16 August 2015

Worth the rave: primers.

For some reason I've only been using or even knowing about primers for the last few months, but now it's a solid part of my makeup routine, I'd be lost without it and have an ever growing haud! As I am relatively new to primers I thought I'd test out the ones that I've saw most raved about recently on Instagram ( @xvousetesbellexx) and give my opinion to you guys. I've picked one high end, one averaged priced and one budget product.

Benifit the 'pore fessional'

This product had automatically made it on my fav list due to the ever so cheesey name, who doesn't love a good pun (is that a pun? Idk) but anyway, I'm constantly being recommended this primer aswell as seeing it everywhere (obviously since this is a raved about post...oh). I personally like this product, although I don't think it's worth the money, I've had a lot of cheaper primers that are allot better but like I say I do like it, gives a nice base and as far as I can tell holds makeup longer,

L'oreal infallible 

I'm sure by now you would of heard of this product as this new (I think) range has BLEW UP, everywhere I looked someone was raving about this new ''mattifing' primer and foundation that can make your skin look flawless...apparently. I really do not like this primer, literally just feels like Grease in a bottle, doesn't add a base at all and makeup doesn't stick to it very well, also as  far as I can tell it doesn't make a difference to lasting power so am very disappointed, this was around £8, and in my opinion £8 too much. 

Kiss primer (wilko range) 

I never thought to look in wilkos, is it wilkos or wilkinsons..? Comment if you know please.. ANYWAY, I have seen this primer featured on many blogs and instagrams lately and for £2 it's not really breaking the bank giving it a go.from this start as it was from wilko I really wasn't expecting much but I was so wrong! This is AMAZING, I am so please with this primer, gives a strong base for makeup, isn't very greasy at all and has super lasting power even in the hot sweaty sun. Highly recommend this and I really can't wait to try more of the wilko own beauty range. 

My final comment on this subject is Price does not always reflect quality, As usual please remember this is just my opinion and if you agree/disagree please feel free to comment your opinions, again still new so any ideas or tips will be appreciated. 



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    1. I do like it don't get me wrong I just think its not got anything like 'WOW' to make it the price it is :) x


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