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New year, New me... literally.

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

So I know that everyone and their brothers new years resolution is to get fit, but i've never really bothered with that, I've always had the mind set of 'you only live once, so enjoy it'...which I now see is just an obvious way for me to not feel guilty about the endless grams of fat and carbs I would consume in a day.
I would spend hours looking at other peoples before and after pictures, wishing that could be me, never once letting myself realize that it could in fact be me, if they can do it then why cant I? 

Now a few people may know that I suffer from PCOS, which along with eating junk, is a big reason why I have put on so much weight so fast, believe it or not, I was once a size 8... a far cry from the size 16-18 I am now. I of course cant blame everything on that though, as yes it does make it easier for me to put on weight, but on a daily basis I've worked out that i would eat around 3,000 calories, 250 carbs, 42g of sugar, and a whopping 144 grams of fat...not including days when i would gorge on chocolate and sweets.

I weigh roughly around 225lb, which works at 16 stone, my height is 5'7/5'8, and I carry most of my weight around my belly, although it is everywhere. my ideal weight is at first about 10 stone. 
Now another thing I haven't mentioned is that I have greatly suffered from Bulimia in my past, which if you didn't know, is an eating disorder where in simple, you sick up what you eat. I would like to think that i'm over it now, but truly its something that never really goes, every now and then I will still have periods of having a horrific feeling in my mind after I've ate, which doesn't go away until the food is out of my system, but this is extremely rare. So far I have only threw up once, I ate a Mcdonalds and  just felt so guilty after and wanted it gone, this has helped me though as I now realize that even if I do eat the food i'm craving, i will feel shitty after and regret it.

Some before images of my ideal weight.
Images of my weight now, and an image of what i don't want to get back into.


I struggle to diet, I don't know how to do it safely and end up just eating absolutely nothing a day, or just a bowl of mushed up veg and hope for the best, and then eventually gorge on junk as i'm so hungry. The key to success this time is to have a plan. 

To start of i want simple rules.

Smaller portions;  Eating on a smaller plate will reduce what I eat without my brain even realizing, a lot of dieting is in the mind, its used to seeing a certain amount on a plate, so if it see's less it may convince me that i'm hungry, even when i'm not. I used to eat massive portions, and would always go for the biggest dinner. I had a fear almost of wasting food, so would force myself to eat even if I was full.

No junk in the trunk; Chocolate and sweets are my biggest downfall, I could eat chocolate all day long without even thinking about it, I used to bake a lot as well, last month I made brownies 3 times in a week. I've decided to cut out chocolate completely.

Snacking; I will now class a snack as a piece of fruit, where as before I would make a whole lunch as a snack. I would eat either a whole pizza, or some chicken nuggets or a cheese and ham sandwich complete with a sausage roll and crisps, or just general junk.

No eating after 8; I was so bad for this, I would decide at half 9 at night that I was hungry and make myself thick cheese and crackers, or a full plate of beans on toast, packed with cheese and butter.

swaps/ healthier choices.

A meal before would consist of; 3 fatty sausages, peas boiled in loads of salt and sugar, and a literal mountain of buttery mash potato. A meal now is, a chicken breast with plenty of mixed veg (boiled in plain water), and a very small portion of carbs,  for example a small oven baked jacket potato, or 30g of plain boiled pasta. 
I have also swapped my usual yogurts for a low fat natural yogurt, my white bread for wholemeal, and have added plenty more fruit into my house for snacks.

Food i've cut down on.

Bread - no more than one peice a day.
Potatoes - no mash, only jacket or whole, and nowhere near as many
Pasta - no more than 30g
Cheese - 10g a day at most ( basically cut it out anyway)
Butter - a tiny tiny amount if having toast
Chocolate - avoid, or have a tiny amount once a week,

I try to eat as little carbs as possible, but i find i struggle to think of meals and have the same egg salad every day. so please let me know in the comments any ideas! 

Tips that work for me so far.

2-3 cups of green tea a day, This fills me up more and has so many health benefits including weight loss
2 eggs a day, eggs are so good for filling you up for longer and again benefit with weight loss!
2 litres of water a day - water again, fills you up and promotes weight loss. thirst can often be mistaken for hunger.

Cut out fizzy drinks!
This one I literally couldn't recommend enough, and i know it sounds impossible but you can do it!
I was addicted to fizzy pop, mainly cola, and would drink about 500ml (if not more) a day, if I didn't drink it then I would convince myself that I would get lightheaded and a migraine. I would convince myself that my body was low on sugar and that I needed it.
I had tried to cut it out, and failed so many times in the past but i'm so glad I stuck at it, I slowly added in bottles of water and then as they would be next to me I would end up just drinking them instead as it was easier, I then after a while stopped liking the taste of coke as it just tasted of sugar. I also noticed that I was no longer suffering from daily headaches, which i now realize was caused by dehydration.
I now drink 2l at least a day of water and honestly don't even think about fizzy pop. I just think why waste all those calories on a drink when they could be used on food. I see drinking now as nothing more than something your body needs to stay alive and not as a treat like i used to.


You really do have to retrain your mind, when I have urges of wanting to just give up and go make myself a big pizza I just think of the end goal, do I want the body i've dreamed of for ages, or the chocolate bar i've wanted for 20 minutes? Being skinnier would do wonders for my confidence, my anxiety, my career and over all my whole life, the benefits of that are so so much better than the taste of  chocolate. 
Imagine how much better and Skinner I will be in 6 months if I stick to it. Its a long road, but giving up just makes it longer.

I've been eating like this for around a week and a half now and am weighing myself soon, last weigh was at Christmas when i weighed 225lb (i think). To keep updated follow my twitter @clolaurenn. 

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