Friday, 14 August 2015



I am a massive fan of budget makeup and with pound lands now stocking branded makeup and drugstore brands getting better and better it's so easy to pick up and good bargain, here's a few I found while out today. 

Rimmel scandeleyes liquid eye shadows

I was surprised to find these in my local poundland and I LOVE them, the pigmentation is amazing and the colours are really beautiful, I have a few already brought at full price from superdrug so was very happy to find them for £1. They're easily blendable and hardly crease, I feel like I don't need to use an eyeshadow primer before using these because they're just that good. 

Maybelline colour show 

I see these all the time in pound worlds/lands everywhere, i was looking for a stoney shade and I feel like pound shops are especially good for nail polishes as they can be really pricey from the drugstore and they stock loads a variety of colours and brands. This polish is in the shade 'bare it all' and I'm really happy with it 

Make up revolution lipsticks

If you haven't heard of makeup revolution by now I'm just going to assume you're living under a rock in Zimbabwe or something idk but this brand is AMAZING, I think it's most popular because of the high quality dupes it produces, but anyway back on to the topic... Mur lipsticks are only £1! The quality of these are so good 97% of the time although very varely there will be one or 2 that slightly slack in pigmentation but like I said that's very rare and for a pound, I mean.. Come on?! I brought the shade 'vice' as I don't own any bright orange shade lippies and I've used it nearly every day since so 10/10

I hope you enjoyed this post, I tried to do something a little different based on the kind of stuff I like reading soo yeah, feel free to comment any of your pound bargains or any opinions as I'm still new at this and could do with any tips and tricks I can get!


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