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Thursday, 17 November 2016

 Lets just pretend for one second that I didn't start these Christmas gift guides in August... Ive said it once and no doubt ill say it seven times more but I absolutely well and truly ADORE Christmas, so I'm obviously in my element creating gift guide posts!
I want to do a few of these for all age ranges so keep yo eyes peeled for more.

A    C L U T CH   B A G

I feel like this is the perfect gift for any female in your life, weather it's to strut round town on a Friday night with or just to chuck your keys in and nip to the shop, every girl needs a small bag in her life.
One I have found which would be perfect is the 'Roxy chain clutch' from KOKO Coture, as its black it will go with pretty much anything but it is available in other colours...and the best part? It's  only £18.99! How crazy is that? The bag is a great size and comes with a longer shoulder strap so perfect for any occasions.
You can find it HERE

H I G H L I G H T   P A L E T T E

I wanted to include a makeup item but obviously not everyone wears makeup, so I thought a highlight palette will be perfect as even if you're not into that full face glam you can still pop a bit on your cheekbone and look refreshed. This one is £10 from Makeup Revolution and is a dupe for the Anastasia glow kits!
You can find it HERE

I L L U M I N A T I N G    M I R R O R

Credit for this one has to go to my boyfriend as it was his brill idea, but an illuminated mirror like this one is an esscential for anyone any age. Growing up my Nan always had one of these in her bathroom and I remember always being so amazed by it and how surprisingly luxurious it looked just by turning on some blue lights, I now have one in my beauty room and my mother in law has one in her bedroom!
I like this one in particular as you do have the option to unplug it and install batteries if you don't have a plug socket near by, it's also on sale at the minute for £19.99 and available in a copper colour!
You can find it HERE

A   B L A N K ET / T H R O W

I personally absolutely love being given blankets and throws for Christmas, it's the perfect present for someone no matter how well you know them and this year I will be gifting one to my mother in law, my boyfriend and my grandad. There are so many styles and textures but my favourite by far has to be the mock fur ones or plush ones in any shade of brown, obviously the thick mock real fur ones are over our £20 budget (surprisingly some only over by £5) but I found this gorgeous plush one for £16.99 at TKMax which I think is perfect for both genders.
You can find it HERE

P J ' S

Of course I couldn't do a Christmas gift guide for women and not include pj's?! I'm yet to have a Christmas yet where I haven't received a set and I'm not complaining, it's such a nice feeling going to bed, or lets be real here even spending the whole day in a nice fresh pair of pj's. I personally like the cuffed bottom and log sleeve top sets but there are so many out there around Christmas time that this is a fool proof present, and if you're not sure on the size then go one size up from what you think it is, because then you can say 'I always get a bigger size in pj's to be cosy'.
The set I have chosen for this post is from ASDA for £12 but if they're not for you then honestly absolutely everywhere will be selling them now so shop around!
You can find them HERE

A   P U R S E

I was going to stop at 5 but then I couldn't not include this item as it's again so foolproof, every single female needs a purse, and even if they don't need one right now they will eventually want a new one so it's a great gift to give someone at Christmas. I personally love RiverIsland purses which retail for around £17 but so many places sell them that you'll be sure to find the right one. Also a perfect gift if you don't know the person that well as you can always just go with a plain black or white one.
You can find the one I found HERE

I hope this has been some help to you because it's been so much fun to make, anyone who knows me knows I adore Christmas so I'll be doing plenty of gift guides over the season for all budgets!


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  2. Love this gift guide🙊
    Onesies are great Christmas presents, who doesn't love a onesie at this time of year💪🏼😀 x

    1. Oooo yeah I love a good onesie! Especially like an animal one🎄✨

  3. Love gift guides :) i'll definitely be buying some of the these products for friends and and family for Christmas and maybe one or two for myself 😜 I especially love the pj's and the highlighter palette ❤️

    gracethoroughgoodbeauty – Beauty Tips, Photography and I hope some laughs :)

    1. The palette was deffo my fave too! Makeup revolution has to be the brand of the year, most my Christmas list consists of them! Hahaha and pj's are a Christmas must x

  4. Love the gift guide babe. You can't go wrong with getting someone some new pjs! Love putting my new ones on at Christmas.

    Jasmine x

    1. Thank you chicken✨Absolutely, and the more Christmassy and cheesy the better! Xx


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