Thursday, 20 August 2015


All things shiny, Top 2 highlight. 


I don't really have allot drug store highlights that I really like, I mainly love my high end one but the two I've picked to talk about I think are just as good as high end ones.  I will be showing and talking about MY PERSONAL favourite 2 drugstore highlights so you can also try them out and love them as much as I do. I will be doing these in the order they're in on the swatches, (left to right).

MUA undress your skin highlighter

 This highlighter is available in so many shades for the small price of £3! Its so ridiculously pigmented and gives a beautiful glowey look to the skin, it looks super nice when the light hits it.This is by far my favourite highlighter and even better than most of my high end ones, it also lasts forever, im not even close to hitting pan and I feel like I've had it forever. This should be available in most Superdrugs so if you see it be sure to pick it up. 

sleek hilighliger- shade 'sun goddess' 

I got this so so so long ago as a gift so im really unsure where you can purchase this but im sure if you google it there will be a way to, again as it was a gift no idea how much it was but I don't think it would of been much as it is a drug store brand. As you can see it is really pigmented and so shimmery yet still looks so natural on the skin and looks gorgeous with a tan! I feel like because you only need a small bit of highlighter they last forever which im not complaining about.


  I think highlighters can be so hit or miss and its quite hard to find one that matches your skin tone so I hope this was helpful for you all,  as usual also please comment opinions or any posts you would like me to do, because ill love to hear from you all!:)

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