Sunday, 2 August 2015



1. Gingerbread Yankee Candle

 What would a bloggers wish list be like without a yankee candle, I mean, is that even allowed? But in all seriousness I am need of a new one, my current candle is on its last leg to the point of burning fingers while lighting it. My 2 favourite smells are vanilla and gingerbread but as autumn is slowly creeping in I thought it would be more appropriate for an more autumnmy (that is so a word) smell. you can buy this here.

2. ikea cushion cover

A pretty simple one really, I've recently re decorated my room and Im kinda thinking its 'too' white, like think mental asylum, think joey Essex teeth! a simple monochrome pillow too break it up a little and im sure this is £9, you can buy this here.

3. vanity mirror.

I've wanted one of these for so long for on top of my dresser but for some reason I can never remember to actually get one, but im planning to go to ikea soon  so fingers crossed that I remember! this is £3.50 and you can buy this here.

4. ultra contour pallet.

This literally came out like 2 weeks ago yet its so raved about  im seeing this pallet everywhere and for good reason to! I have been hoping and praying for a good ABH powder contour pallet dupe for so long and surprise surprise makeup revolution answered my prayers, im so excited to pick this up as soon as it comes in stores. This is £8 can buy this here.

5. white leather court shoe.

Again another pretty simple one but I recently brought these in black and im in love with them, surprisingly so comfy and have became my staple footwear so cant wait to pick up the white pair, plus they're on sale for £18. you can buy this here.

6. Micheal Kors watch.

Being extremely white gal rn, but I feel like im the only person that doesn't don't..doesn't, ok well the point is I don't have one and I really want one, I am a massive fan of Michael Kors and you can't really go wrong with rose gold. This ones a little pricey nut you can buy this here.


  1. I love Yankee candles, especially the gingerbread ones omg.. love your blog also ! X

    1. And me! Can't go wrong can you :) aw thankyou yours is so cute x


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