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Top 5 series: bronzers.


I have endless amounts of bronzers, for some reason im always drawn to them when I go in a store that sells makeup, the only problem is because I tan allot my skin tone is always changing so some days I need a darker bronzer than others. In these posts I will be showing and talking about MY PERSONAL favourite drugstore bronzers so you can also try them out and love them as much as I do. I will be doing these in the order they're in on the swatches, (top to bottom).

Bourjois Delice de Poudre shade 51 and 52

I think my favourite thing about these bronzer is that they  they smell AMAZING, like a rich creamy coco smell, its honestly to die for! I have included both shades in this as I use 51 (top shade) when I don't have a tan and 52 (2nd shade) when I do, they give such an even smooth application and no matter what brush you use to apply the bronzer it doesn't go blotchy. Im sure this is about £7.99 which I think is really good value because It literally lasts forever, ive had these both for over a year now.

ELF essential bronzer- shade 'sunkissed' 

Before I start I just want to say that I don't think ELF has a UK website anymore so im unsure if you will be able to get this (so helpful I know) but I felt like I had to include it as it was only £1.40 and for ages it was my holy grail, its sooo close to hitting pan but ive had to kind of slow down with it because I really don't want it to run out. This is the perfect bronzer for when im all tanned and beyonced as I like to do a heavy contour so need a bronzer that will show up and this is so pigmented and does the job swimmingly, but like I said there's currently not a uk distributor so if I find a way ill be sure to let you guys know.

make up revolution ultra sculpt and contour kit 'fair'

THIS IS £3.50!! How amazing it that price for a bronzer, highlight and blush? although I don't use this that much anymore this used to be one of my favourites (you can hardly tell right?...) The swatch honestly does not do this justice but its the perfect bronzer for fair skin as its buildable and gives a natural finish. I know this is about bronzers but I feel like I need to mention that the highlight and blush are also really pigmented and creamy. perfect for traveling and well worth the money.

W7 Hollywood duo bronze and glo.

This bronzer is also lovely for fair skin although its buildable so can also be perfect for darker skin, its a completely matte shade that doesn't give off any 'orangeyness' (that's a word guys) and gives, again, a natural finish. Im unsure how much this was but I think it was about £3.99 which is really good value. w7 is well known for doing dupes of popular products and im 90% sure this is Charlotte Tilbury  dupe although never tried that so cant comment on that.

Okkk, so I hope this was helpful for you, im thinking of doing a highend top 5 so if you want to see that then please comment bellow, as usual also please comment opinions because ill love to hear from you all!:)

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