Dupe or Dont?

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Who isn't a fan of a good bargain? Dupes are everyone's best friend but maybe we're not picky enough when labelling something as one, in posts labeled 'dupe or don't' I will be looking at raved about possible dupes and giving my opinion on the similarities (pros) and the differences (cons) then decided whether in my opinion the product is a good dupe. This week it's the makeup revolution iconic pallets as dupes for the urban decay naked pallets.


First of all the makeup revolution pallets are £4 each! I mean come on that's hardly breaking the bank guys, also just like the naked pallets you get 12 shades which literally makes it 33p ish per shade. Now to the actual colours and pigmentation, As far as I can tell the shades are practically identical to the naked pallets and are even in the same order, the pigmentation is sooo good aswell to the point where if you done a look on one eye with the make up revaluation pallet and the same look on the other eye using the naked pallet you would struggle to tell them apart. 


It's difficult to find any cons with this pallet as it really is amazing, what I will say though is the pigmentation, although being really good, is obviously not as pigmented  as the naked pallet, also I think you'll agree with me when I say the naked pallets are much nicer to look at as the packaging is more thought of.

So, If you were thinking of forking out £40ish for the naked pallets in my opinion don't bother, the differences between the pallets are minimal so you will basically be paying out £36 for pretty packaging. The makeup revolution pallets are 100% a dupe and well worth your money. 


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  1. That's genius, I was craving the naked pallet, and now I know how to save money on it !! brilliant <3


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