September wish list.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

I have a love hate relationship with wish lists posts and videos, I love them because they are great for gift ideas, and I hate them because I get serious fomo and end up increasing my basket total, this morning I wasn't feeling very motivated to do any of my current blog plans so decided to do some retail therapy instead, which then led me into thinking, I may as well share with the wold what I'm currently not having lunch at college to be able to buy... because I mean, the whole world desperate wants to know what a unknown 19 year old wants...right?
Similar to every other person on this planet there is a lot of things that I'm currently wanting, so trying to pick only 5 things was as you can imagine a near to impossible task, but being the trooper that I am, I just about managed it...although still debating over weather the 'unicorn fund' puse should have made the cut.
Its also my very that even a word? coming up to Christmas, which kinda makes me wee a little with excitement not going to lie, (16 weeks and counting, can I put up my tree yet?) so if you have recently done a wish list post of video then please feel free to leave the link in the comments so I can fill my ever so little brain with ideas!
Until recently I had no interest at all in Jeffree Star cosmetics, of course I had heard of it and knew of the products but to me, someone who doesn't really like bright lip colours, they didn't appeal to me, that was until beauty bay started stocking them last week.
as soon as I saw the new products alert the fomo adrenaline took over my body an before I knew it I was selecting my colour, I never realised they did nude colours as well as the out there blues and purples, after googling some swatches I fell in love with posh spice...and it was at that moment, it went out of stock!
 you can find it here for £16
I can not even express to you guys how long it took me to decide what candle to feature in this post, it was like the final stages on the xfactor but after a very tough boot camp at the judges houses, warm buttered bread was crowned the winner.
I don't know about you but I always have a candle burning, I find they help me remember moments in my life i would have ordinarily forgot about, like for example the candle 'brownie delight' reminds me of the snot bubble of 2015 incident because it was burning at the time...does anyone else have that? obviously not the snot bubble, I hope!
village candles are a good alternative, if not better than Yankee candles, they have a lot more creative fragrances for half the price, and I aint mad at that!
you can find it here for £15
I'm lucky enough to have a really nice white makeup set up, I have the Ikea malm dresser with the Alex 9 draws and all my makeup is categorically sorted away, but if you think id be normal and do my makeup there every morning than you would be wrong! I use the exact same makeup every single day which I keep by my bed in a tatty Ted Baker makeup bag which has seen..saw.., idk, but my point it that its had better days and I could really do with a new one.
Wiko's is 100% the underdog of the makeup world, some of my all time favourite makeup purchases have been from there including the prime of your life primer mentioned in a previous post and their brand new range of beige and gold makeup brushes, also does anyone else remember it being called 'wlkinsons' or have I made that up?
 you can find it here for, wait for it, £3!
I'm sure if you are active on social media's you would have fo show seen these trainers while on your daily feed scroll, i'm not sure who exactly started the trend (as most trends are started by a celebrity) but these are the new 'cool' trainers to have.
with a hefty price tag i'm sure you can guess why these are on my wish list and not actually owned by me, they retail for around £70-£150 depending on your shoe size and the popularity of the colour, and aint nobody got time for that! im sure these will stay on my wish list for a very long time but they are defiantly the current trainers I'm dying over!
you can find it here for £70.
If you have not already heard of the Glam Clam then you must of been living under a, glam..clam ( I hate myself for that awful joke) but back to my point, spectrum brushes are by far the most insta worth brushes around making them a beauty blogger necessity, they go great with marble.
 I've recently brought the plain blue and pink 8 piece and 4 piece sets which I must say I'm really impressed with, not only do they look good they are also good quality as well, much better than the cheaper alternative which in my opinion is real techniques.
Blah blah blah I've wondered off trail yet again haha no surprise there! The marbleous collection has recently came available on beauty bay and is any makeup bloggers dream, who can say no to some white and gold makeup brushes?
   you can find it here for £35 
Last but not least is something that I feel like everyone has but lil old me, which is suprising considering I'm more than happy to take any help I an get to look better in selfies, doublio chinio's be gone..o!
This one from coconut lane is a great dupe to the kim k LUMI seflie cases and is available In plenty of colours including rose gold, silver and bright pink!
 you can find it  here for £20, OR you could use the code 'CLO20' getting 20% off making it literally only £16, did someone say bargin?

so that's my wish list for this month! be sure to comment bellow what yours are so I can add them to my never ending want list haha, also to make sure you never miss a post from me be sure to follow me on bloglovin (xvousetesbelle)

until next time, clo x



  1. Love this post! I want the Nike trainers too, they're so pretty 😍😍

    Amy |

    1. Thank you so much! Ahh they really are, but I don't think I could justify that much on trainers!🙈


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