Thursday, 29 September 2016

Picture is completely irrelevant guys haha

You know in  movies where the person has just been badly hurt and they fall to the ground, but the busy street around them just carries on but in a dull slow motion, and the person is just staring with a blank mind...that is how I would describe my last few weeks, im waiting on someone to shake me and wake me up, im waiting for someone to atleast notice I've fell to the ground... it's hard to even describe how I feel because tbh, I don't feel anything, -anything at all.

I've always wanted my blog to be a happy place, and believe me it will be, but I also think it's important to not sit in silence and just wait for things to get better, talking helps, which is funny when you think about it because with my anxiety talking is something that I dread, but talking to someone that can't talk back, can't laugh at me, talking without trying to force eye contact, it just makes me feel releaved.

I just feel so lost lately, like I'm falling apart but nobody even notices, how can the people who love me not see that I'm a wreck? I just feel like everyone is out to get me, nobody wants me around and that I'm just a waste of space, I have no use. I feel like my life is stuck on pause, and I know this is probably over dramatic, and I know next week I'll be fine again and reading this like what...but it's important to show that everyone has bad days, weeks or even years

I'm sorry if I've been MIA lately,

With love, clo

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