Makeup revolution 'hot summer of love' bronzer review.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

I absolutely love finding amazing products for dead cheap prices, so naturally when I do I immediately want to tell everyone about it, especially when its a potential dupe! makeup revolution anyway, they are a drugstore brand here in the uk and I believe they ship worldwide!

First of all, can we just take a moment to appreciate the overwhelming cuteness of the packaging? I mean come on if that doesn't scream display me on your dresser than I don't know what does.

I feel like the first thing I should address is that this is obviously inspired by the TooFaced cosmetics sweetheart bronzers and blushes which retail for around £25, makeup revolution are famous for their wide range of amazing dupes for high end products with pocket money price tags and the summer of love bronzer is no exception being sold for only £4.99! crazy right? Same price as an airport meal deal, and I defiantly know which id go for...unless it was tuna mayo, tuna mayo will always come up trumps, sorry MUR.

The furthest shade to the left is all of the shades mixed together, the furthest shade to the right however, was an accident so please ignore it haha! 

I always tend to apply shimmery bronzers on the edge of my cheek bones after I've done the rest of my makeup to finish it off, I find it gives me the nicest sun kissed glow without making me look blotchy, which btw it one of my favourite words...blotchy, am I ok?* laughing face emoji*
But, not only have I been loving this bronzer as a bronzer but Its also been great to do a quick eye look with, I'm all for the bronzed goddess look and with a light medium and dark shade I'm able to achieve that, and I must say it blends so easily, even for a newb like me!

The formulae of the bronzer is on par with the TooFaced sweetheart bronzer, it blends like an absolute dream which makes it kinda impossible to over do it and make yourself look like you did in year 9...don't deny it, it happened to all of us!

The verdict please.

For £4.99 I recommend you at least give this bronzer a go, I personally love it not just for its packaging but for the actual product as well, although I shamelessly would buy this for just the packaging, judge me!
I also believe it has a lighter shade which is just 'summer of love' for you lighter skinned beauties.

You can find the hot summer of love bronzer here.

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until next time, clo x

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