Ebay Bargins! Haloween Eddition.

Friday, 7 October 2016

As an SFX artist Halloween is obviously one of my favourite times of the year, I say one of as I mean, nothing can really beat Christmas...which as you may or not have guessed already but I am overly excited for it! anyway, back to Halloween, * note to self, stop driving off topic*

I am a self proclaimed (if that's the right word) Ebay addict, its one of the things I find myself doing subconsciously when I'm bored and I mean, I don't know if ebaying can be classed a hobby but if I can, I'm Olympic level, no shame! Tell me you've found something for £21 on the high street, ill find it you for half the price on Ebay, so I decided why not share my finds with you all, and then maybe you can have them in your own watch lists for months on end just like me!

I'm hoping to do this as a bit of a series and I thought where better to start than with a Halloween edition....MWuhhhahaha...lets begin.

1) R H I N E S T O N E    K I T T Y    E A R S// £2.99

If you are a YouTube addict much like myself then by now you would have saw these super cute cat ear headbands, but not only are they adorable, they can also be used as a quick fix Halloween costume if you don't want to dress up too much, but still want to feel a little spooky...spooky? what am I even on about, nothing screams scary like some glittery kitten ears aye ahha but you get my jist!
you can get them HERE or by searching 'kitty headband'.


Would I be a real sfx aritsit without including a blood and gore SFX kit?! absolutely not! This was actually one of the first kits I brought when I started and I honestly still love all the tings, (spelling error but I lowkey found it hilarious) in it, especially the help booklet you get with it!
you can find it HERE or by searching 'snazaroo special fx kit'.

3) C H O K E R    N E C K L A C E // 99P

Another item that has been absolutely everywhere lately and again, over priced on the high street, I mean, its literally a bit of fabric, how can people be charging £10 +? These are great for all year round but great for Halloween!
you can find it HERE or by searching 'choker necklace'.

4)  B R I G H T   C O L O U R E D   W I G S // £3.97

One of the easiest ways to chuck together a DIY costume is with a bight coloured wig, and for £4 its probably one of the cheapest ways as well, be aware they are synthetic but for one night wear its probably not going to be a problem! These will also be great for insta makeup pics, I got you guys.
you can find it HERE or by searching 'pink wig'.

5) C H E A T E R   B O D Y S U I T // £5.89

Ebay honestly sells some great clothes, some better than others...a lot better, but when you find a good thing its almost like your first child being born, and with that said, I found this great bodysuit for under £6! My fave thing about this is that they actually do sizes over size 10, WHEY!
you can find it HERE of by searching 'bodysuit'.

6)  I  P H O N E   P H O N E    C A S E // £1.79

Last but not least, would it be autumn without a new autumnal phone case? I am honestly one of the clumsiest people ever so a phone case is a weekly purchase...do you feel me? for £1.79 I think I may as well just buy every single one.
you can find it HERE  of by searching 'Halloween phone case'.

I always intend to only do 5 things and end up adding more, I found so much more but I did have to restrain myself! let me know if you enjoy this series so I can do more because I am DYING to do a beauty tools one. I'm planning on doing a lot of like 'wishlist'  type posts coming up to Christmas because I know the struggle of having absolutely no idea what to buy!

D I S C L A I M E R // You may be able to find some of these items  cheaper, if that's the case its most likely because the ones I have chosen are fast delivery or a UK distributor., alternatively, you are just a better searcher than me!

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