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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Beauty UK is a brand that has a place in my heart as its the brand that I had in my college kit while on my makeup artistry kit, alongside with MUA it was some of the first makeup I ever brought... so I guess you could say they're to blame for my make obsession yeah.  
BeautyUk brand review.I was lucky enough to be sent some bits from BeautyUK to try out and I'm excited to tell you all about the products I received!

G L O SS  L I P S T I C K   I N  ' P L U M A L I C I O U S // £3.49

BeautyUk brand review.
A few weeks back I received a lipstick from another brand in a similar shade to this and since then I've been craving plum toned lipsticks, a far cry away from the skin-toned nudes I used to wear daily. This shade will also be absolutely perfect for spring/summer.
One of the first things I noticed about this lipstick is how incredibly buttery it is, oh my lord, I cant even describe how nice and smooth this feels on your lips.
The lipstick also comes with a screw off lid containing a fair amount of a gloss version of the lipstick which is a nice little touch, especially when you think of how little you're paying for the product!
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 G L I T T E R   E Y E L I N E R  I N  ' 0 2  G O L D '  // £2.99
BeautyUk brand review.

This product instantly reminded me of the collection glitter liners which I absolutely adore, so I knew from the start that this would be my favourite product.
I don't know about you but honestly, I don't have time to apply glitter glue and pigment while doing my daily makeup routine, hence why these are just so darn good; they give the same effect, yet are so simple and easy to use!
I received the shade 'gold' and have already ordered the silver shade... for £2.99 I couldn't not, the glitter literally does not budge all day.
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H D  E Y E B R O W  L I N E R   I N  ' S O F T  B R O W N   '// £4.99
BeautyUk brand review.
A few weeks back I was watching a mini brow tutorial on Instagram and the girl was using a product just like this, I'm unsure of the brand she used but all I knew was that I needed to find a brow felt tip... praise the lord for BeautyUK.
This is the HD brow eyeliner and it is exactly what I was looking for, as the tip is so thin I'm able to draw on my 'brow hairs' lightly apposed to a hard crayon or thick shadow.
So many people have asked me what I use on my brows since I've been using this and one of the main compliments I get is that they look natural, what more could a gal want?
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P O S H   P A L E T T E  I N  ' N O . 4  G A L E X Y '  // £5.99
BeautyUk brand review.

I absolutely adore plum toned shadows, as soon as I pulled this palette out of the package I was drawn to the cranberry shade on the top row, its such a beautiful shade and I really don't think I have anything like that in my collection.
The shadows themselves have great pigmentation and when I found out how little this retails for I was honestly shocked, the shades are not at all patchy and its almost as if your finger sinks into the pan when you swatch it!
BeautyUk brand review.
The only think i will say is that the gold shade on the bottom row is more of a chunky glitter than a shimmer shadow, which in my opinion is great but i thought id give you a heads up that to get the full effect from this shade you may want to use a flitter primer on the eye before applying.
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Overall I do like BeautyUK as a brand and I think if you're just starting out with makeup then its perfect, I find that most of their products have a shade or tone to suit anyone which is really nice to see! I'm also not 100% if this brand is completely cruelty free but all of the products I have received do say on them that they are against animal testing, although like I say I don't want to confirm this. 

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