Makeup Obsession palette review.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

So if you've been to your local boots recently you may have realised that they now have a stand dedicated to customisable palettes by makeup obsession, which I believe is  part of the 'TAM beauty' group best known for Makeup Revolution. 
As well as single shadows for £2  they also sell panned lipsticks, highlighters, face powders, blushes, strobe balms and contour shades in so many different colours, so you really could create any type of palette you needed but for this review I will only be talking about the eyeshadows and blushes.
T H E  C A S E //
Makeup Obsession palette review.
When I brought my palette there was actually an offer on which meant if you spent over £12 you would get the black 6 slot palette for free so I decided to do that, but if I brought another one I would defiantly go for the rose gold case as it was by far the prettiest. The cases retail at £4-£6 for the medium palette and £5- £8 for the 12 slot  large palette and to insert the pans you simply pop out of their small case and into the holes in the palette, no magnets or sticky backs are required which yes makes it easier but also means  it is not like the z palette where you can mix it with other brands.
The case has a good sized mirror which is an absolute necessity for an eyeshadow palette and to me feels pretty sturdy.
The case I have can be found HERE  or you can browse the others HERE.
M Y   S H A D E S //
Makeup Obsession palette review.
As I worked in Boots over the Christmas period I had plenty of time and chance to play around with the shades and choose which ones I wanted in my palette, I decided to go really warm with reds and oranges as they are really popular colours at the moment and I wanted something like the Morphe 35O palette. I was so impressed with the range of colours and in the end got;
❤ 2 blush shades (£3) 
 'Honey' (HERE) and 'Nude' (HERE).
❤ 3 Matte shades (£2)
 'Pearl'(HERE),  'Bourbon Brown' (HERE)  and 'Burnt' (HERE).
❤ 1 shimmer shade (£2)
 'Cosmo' (HERE)
F O R M U L A S   A N D    S W A T C H E S  //
Makeup Obsession palette review.
From top to bottom, Pearl, Nude, Honey, Cosmo, Burnt, Bourbon Brown.
As I had mattes, shimmers and blushes I have 3 different formulas to talk about so I will start with the matte shadows, I find mattes are the hardest to master as 7/10 times they end up being too chalky or have uneven pigmentation but I must say I was pleasantly surprised at how creamy and soft they were and how easily they blended out on my eye.
Next is the shimmer shades, it's very rare for me to not like a shimmer shade formulas as they are the easiest to perfect so what I tend to look for instead of pigmentation is how well they last on the eye and if they transfer or not, I found when I dampened my brush before applying the shadows they do stay out and last a lot longer than they do when applied by my finger tip.
Now the blush formulae, if I'm completely honest I did find them a little dry and quite  hard to use as an eyeshadow, which I mean  is understandable as they are not an eyeshadow but I have used blushes as shadows in the past which have worked great! The blush is a gorgeous colour and looks great on the cheeks but as an eyeshadow is too much work to blend out, again not something I can fault the company on as it's not its intended purpose.
I S   I T   W O R T H   IT ?

(Is it worth it can you work it, can you put it back down and reverse it) I'm literally not even funny I don't know why I try... but absolutely 100% yes this palette is worth every penny, the size of the pans are great and for £2 you really can not go wrong, it's also a good alternative for the z palette if you don't have that much money to spend but are after certain colours. I will defiantly be buying more palettes to try out the other products so if you would like a review on them as well then let me know in the comments!

All Makeup Obsession palettes can be found HERE.
Toodle pip, clo

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