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Thursday, 6 April 2017


I absolutely love reading posts or watching videos about products that people don't like, with so much products being hyped about at one time it's so hard to pick which ones to spend that hard earned doller  on. My problem is that lot of the time, the bigger youtubers that get the product known about will most likely be affiliated with the companies so will want to sell it to you (of course this isn't always the case), So I 9/10 times will only take the opinions from smaller youtubers and bloggers seriously.
I have combination - oily skin, and these are the products I haven't got on with.


R I M M E L  W A K E   M E   U P   F O U N D A T  I O N // £8.99

The formula for this foundation most defiantly has changed, I remember being 15/16 when this first came out and absolutely adoring it, it always used to make my skin glow and look so fresh so it's so sad to now see this in a disappointing makeup post but it's just so bad! I re purchased this after going away and forgetting my tan shade foundation last summer, I used it for the whole week but every single day complained about how cakey, sticky and gross my face felt, all I could feel was the foundation; I literally applied it every way possible but every single time I had major cake face...not a good luck. 

 B E N E F I T   H I G H   B R O W.// £18.50


Now this product I just don't get, well I mean I get the concept and how to use it, but i just don't understand how benefit can have such great brow products and then this... although I do have to say this is the older one, they may have completely revamped the formula when they re designed last year. My first issue with this is that it's sticky, yet doesn't stick, and by that I mean when I apply it to my brow bone it comes off as I'm applying it and comply goes when I set it with a powder;  my other problem is the size of this pencil, it makes it near enough impossible to carve out a good brow shape or even just apply it to a small area if you wanted to!


 B O U R J O I S   A Q U A   B  L U S H  // £8.99


You're probably thinking that my problem with this product is the brightness, or maybe it's too pigmented....wrong! It is infact the opposite, this blends away into literally nothing, ziltch. I absolutely adore the packaging and the concept of it but I just can't get any payoff from the blush, it just leaves a glossy mark on my face.

 A B H  D I P - B R O W  P O M A D E // £15

Ok so my problem with this isn't how it performs or anything like that, my problem is with how fast it drys out, which yes I know you can buy oils for but for a high end product I really shouldn't have to... after honestly like a month this just become so dry and cakey that it was literally impossible to use yet my NYX one has lasted so much longer for a 1/4 of the price. 

B O U R J O U R  C O C O A  B R O N Z E R  // £7.99

Another product which I didn't want to put in this post as it smells incredible but felt like I had to, this is just so so so hyped about yet honestly, unless you're Casper the friendly ghost this probably won't show up on you, and even if it does it will be just a yellowey orange pigment instead of a warm 'coco' bronzer. Now the other shade of this is absolutely fantastic and well worth the money so don't get me wrong on the actual product, it's literally just this shade that I don't understand, and I mean it's not even because I tan or anything because I've tried this on my al natural sheepy toned skin and had the same result...or should I say lack of.

I know it probably goes without saying but I don't mean to offend anyone with this post, if a product works for you then good that's honestly great, but for me personally they haven't and if you have similar skin to mine then my heads up may save you some money!

Let me know your disappointing products in the comments! 

Toodle Pip


  1. I love these kind of blog posts!

    I used that Wake Me Up Foundation a few years ago and it didn't do any good to my oily/combi skin. It made me look more oily rather than glowy and it broke me out. I don't think the shades are very good either. Also I haven't tried Benefit High Brow but I have tried the Goof Proof Pencil and I just can't get it to work for me and everyone seems to rave about it. It gives me slug eyebrows! not good haha x


    1. Yeah no the colour choices are rubbish as well, they all seem...grey?😂 I haven't tried that! But I do struggle with brow pencils so it's probably best that I don't hahaha! X


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