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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Eye brushes are something why I physically can not stop myself buying, idk, I guess admitting a problem is the first step so here's to hope hahah! Countless times have my family looking at my eyeshadow brushes and asked why I have 'so many that are the same' but in my eyes they are all completely different (again, fully aware I have a problem), so I though to prevent you turning out anything like me I would talk about my top eyeshadow brushes, my desert island brushes if you like...because you know,  if ya girl was on a dessert island of course makeup would be a priority *face palm emojo*

Morphe M433

This brush is a recent addition to the hairy family, I actually found this by being too cheap to pay out for the Mac 221 brush, I searched the web for a dupe which turned out to be the Zoeva 227, which I then searched again for a dupe of that, which low and behold is the M433 ! This brush is great for blending out a cut crease and makes it easier to be more precise with the shadows, it's also only £5.50 so I mean...who's complaining?

Zoeva 228

So this brush was actually one of the first 'high end' eye brushes that I had, I'm not sure if Zoeva is classed as high end but I mean, at £9 a brush it needs to be, what I'm trying to say is that it's one of the first that wasn't real techniques or Morphe. Every single time without fail that I do my eyeshadow I will use this brush, I normally use it for my  transition shade as it's the perfect size and fluffyness and to be honest, it pretty much does the work for me.

Sigma E40

This brush is another one which is quite recent, but I gen (I enjoy abbreviating words because I think it makes me look cool) do not know how I lived without this brush. Ok so yes that's probably a bit dramatic but you know when you smoke out your shadows and it just seems to have a solid line on the edge that will not blend out? Well yeah me too, and this brush is the saviour for that!

Bold metals 203

Genuinely only brought this brush for aesthetic reasons without reading any reviews prior, so I had no idea if it was good or not...but let me tell you that it was one of the best impulse buys I ever did do! I would not be able to do a cut crease without this brush as this is the only brush I have found which can blend out my darkest shade without spreading it out too much, it's also the perfect size for my crease so makes blending a lot easier.

Spectrum A13

I don't really know what to say about this brush as I feel like I'm repeating myself, but again, this brush is just the perfect size to blend out my under eye shadows! It's dense enough to pack on colour exactly where I want it but also not too dense so I'm still able to smoke the shades out a also looks cute, and I mean, for that reason alone it makes the cut.

Sigma E55

Short and sweet, this is the ONLY brush I will use to pack on colour to my lid, I have no idea how t works so well considering it's quite fluffy but it's incredible, honestly works as if I was using my finger to pack on the colour! This brush has to be my all time favourite brush ever, mainly because I just don't understand...idk.

If you're new to makeup then I hope this post helped you decide which brushes would be good to keep your kit small yet incredible, and if you are, like me, just addicted to makeup brushes, than I would like to publicly apologise for the lack of funds you probably have now...but girl at least those eyes will look fleeky!

Let me know your fav brushes in the comments!


  1. I neeeed to get myself some spectrum brushes! They're so pretty ahh x

    1. Honestly the only reason I brought them was because they looked cute, was just by luck that they ended up to be good hahaha! They're great for blog pics as well x

  2. I really need to add my more eye brushes to my collection, definitely going to get more Morphe brushes I would love a Zoeva set as well they are so beautiful!! Xo

    1. The zoella brushes are fab but very pricey! I couldn't recommend Morphe enough though, not had one bad brush yet x


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