TooFaced Sweet Peach Palette, Honest review.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

I feel like there was such a big hype over the sweet peach palette that everyone felt they had to give it a good review and rave about it, I managed to get one when they were first released in Debenhams so I thought Its only right I do a completely honest review so when it gets re released people won't just be blind buying it like I did!🐚
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TooFaced Sweet Peach Palette, Honest review.

So first let's talk about the palette itself in basic terms, it was £39 like the other palettes this size and contains 18 shades at 0.03OZ each,. I have to say I'm not really a fan off the too faced tin packaging, I absolutely adore the colours and ombré effect don't get me wrong but I feel the noise and the factory feel off the tin makes me feel like my shades will smash easily...anyone else? haha. I think the colour choices are spot on, there's really not one shade in the palette I wouldn't use and the shades that I normally would steer away from, the help booklet shows a way in which I can use them so for shade choices, it has to be a 10/10.


TooFaced Sweet Peach Palette, Honest review.
Now the palettes USP, the peachy smell🍑 The smell is so strong I can promise you that, I was kind of disappointed with the strength of the chocolate sent in the other palettes but I can defiantly confirm this one smells of peaches, to be honest I think it may even be too strong. I myself don't really like fruity smells so I regrettably have this in the back of my draw to block the scent, and I'm sure I'm not the only one out there that don't like the peachy scent, hopefully on the next palette they will find a kind of middle ground with the scent strength, but then again that could just be me, because I'm damm sure I wouldn't be complaining. If the chocolate scent was this strong hahah!
In case you are unsure the palette is inspired by the peach fruit and not just the colour, hence the few purple toned shades...which I'm not mad at.


TooFaced Sweet Peach Palette, Honest review.Last but most certainly not least, swatches, I've found with the other palettes there's always one or two shades that are patchy, which yeah I guess you get that with every palette but for £40 you shouldn't be, idk just my opinion! I will swatch a row at a time starting top to bottom twice, I always use urban decay (completely having a mind fizzle and forgot what it's called) primer when doing an eye look so it's only right I do a swatch with a primer base as well, plus I find Too faced shadows tend to worth better with the help of a primer.


TooFaced Sweet Peach Palette, Honest review.TooFaced Sweet Peach Palette, Honest review.
TooFaced Sweet Peach Palette, Honest review.TooFaced Sweet Peach Palette, Honest review.

TooFaced Sweet Peach Palette, Honest review.TooFaced Sweet Peach Palette, Honest review.

My favourite shade out the whole palette has to be 'summer yum' It's such a diverse colour and in my option is has be best formulae in the palette,  Nector and Just Peachy And are also up there with my faves as well as Bless her heart. 
The colours that don't impress me much (shamelessly sang that as  Shania Twain) are  sadly  Georgia, Talk Derby to me And  Charmed I'm sure, this is because I wasn't happy with the formulae, I think the problem with Georgia is that it is too similar to my skin tone but Talk Derby to me and Charmed are a major disappointment, the shadows were chalky and didn't really show up well at all.


TooFaced Sweet Peach Palette, Honest review.

To make sure I fully tested the product I decided to do an eye look, admittedly not the best as I was being rushed out the door, but enough of one to get a real feel for how the shadows worked, before I started I primed my eye with the Urban Decay primer and then set that with white peach. 
To create this look I  used Summer yum in the crease and then blended a mixture of Charmed I'm sure and caramelized into it, I then put Bless her heart all over the lid and Just peachy in my inner corner, to finish off the look I then softly blended a small amount of tempting into my outer V and White peach under my brow bone.  
I found that the shadows blended nicely, especially summer yum and I would say the pigmentation on the eye matches the swatches, which is quite surmising as usually you find it magically disappears!


TooFaced Sweet Peach Palette, Honest review.

V E R D I C T .

If I tried it in store before hand would I still buy it? Ahh honestly I probably would purely for the fact it's a raved about limited edition product and I have no self restraint, but if I wasn't a makeup hoarder than I'd have to say no, it's not that the palette is bad, not at all, I just think (and this is a very personal review) that if I got to smell it before hand, combined with the one or two patchy shades and the tin packaging than I'd rather buy another palette with similar shades. 

Also before I finish I kind of just wanted to ask if anyone else is a bit salty about the fact they're re releasing this as a non limited edition palette? idk, I just think that the amount of time and effort people put into getting this palette as then being so happy as it was limited edition that its kind of rude for them to just bring it back out.. but then would I be saying this if I didn't get the palette? share with me your opinions!


Let me know what you think in the comments and if you managed to get the palette first time round and what you think of it! 

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  1. I love this - I have a Palette addiction and sometimes I feel I need to stop buying more and use the ones I've got 🤔 I've decided I don't need this one based on your review. 😊

    1. Thankyou!!! Ahhh I'm so glad I've helped you, honestly if you can fight the urge and temptation of the pretty packaging then do, I mean yeah some of the shades are gorgeous and have a good formula but there's like idk 5 that don't, and for £ thanks!x


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