October favourites

Thursday, 10 November 2016

I don't normally do favourite posts as I tend to stick to the same things every month but in October I found a love for so many new things, plus, I just love photographing pictures with leaves in the background so yeah, here goes...


B L A N K E T   S C A L F.

A blanket scalf is an absolute staple for fall and winter, not only does it keep you toastie but it also turns that plain black dress into a well thought off outfit, well, so people will think anyway!
My one in particular was from primark last year but honestly there are so many nice ones out right now, especially in places like H&M and River Island.


Growimg up I was always that kid that was absolutely disgusted in the fact that my friends had boxes of raisins in their lunch box as a treat, and don't even get me started on how much it upset me finding them in a cookie, but recently I've been absolutely loving them! When I'm nervous I find having something to chew on makes me feel at ease and chewing gum is great and all but then you have to dispose of it after 5 minutes so I've started carrying round a box of raisins with me and yeah that's that.
V I L L A G E   C A N D L E

I'm 99% sure I've raved about village candle over Yankee candle too many times already so ima just skip over that this time, but if you know, you know.
This one in particular is in the scent vanilla caramel swirl and guys, I literally can't even describe it to you but just know it smells absolutely incredible, it smells like warm food cooking at Christmas and if you are yet to try a village candle, let it be this one!
K A T Y  P E R R Y
  P U R F U M E

I am unbelivebly picky when it comes to choosing a perfume that won't give me a headache so the fact I've actually nearly used this whole bottle is such a big deal, well to me anyway, but I'm so in love with the scent of the 'killer queen' perfume.
Im not even going to try and describe the scent to you because like honestly, I have no idea but the only other perfume I actually like is Armarni diamonds (the black one) but it's so expensive where as this is around £20 from Superdrug.

A N A S T A S I A   B R O W   W I Z

This is again another shock product for me as in the past I've found these type of brow pencils impossible to use and was so reluctant to pay £16 for another disappointment but I must say I've actually been loving it, I brought the shades chocolate and dark
Brown as I wasn't sure which would work best and I tend to just mix them together for multi tonal brows.
I brought mine from BeautyBay but I'm sure Cult beauty also stock them!


So yeah (I've said that so much lately) these are my October favourites which knowing me I'll probably hate next month, let me know in the comments if you've tried any of these products\..things and be sure to let me know what you're favourites was this month! 

Also I just wanted to mention that the next few posts will be Christmas gift guides!


  1. The Village Candles sound amazing, definitely going to be giving them a try!

    Emily xo

    1. Ahh Nov but honestly they smell incredible, and you can't moan at the price!☺️✨

  2. Gorgeous pics!!! love the autumnal vibes <3


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