October wish list.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

This months wish list has honestly been so easy for me as its the time when the stores are slowly changing into the autumn winter stock and not only are the clothes cuter, but I find my self subconsciously drifting towards the Christmas gift set isles!
Unfortunately a lot of the things I've seen in stores are not online yet so keep an eye out for them in next months post!

1) JE F F R E E    S T A R //  B E A U T Y   K I L L E R   P A L E T T E

At first when I saw the beauty killer palette I was kinda just like, not amazed by it, I mean it looked great but a lot of the colours I knew I wouldn't use, but lately I've been loving more brighter colours and suddenly have a new appriciation for this palette!😍 I've also heard that the pan sizes are HUGE.
It's £40 I believe and can be found HERE 

2) P L A T F O R M   T R A I N E R S // A S O S

I have to admit, my obsession with these trainers came from seeing someone else wearing them, and the. Frantically searching social media with cocktail sticks holding my eyes open to find them!
You can find them HERE for £25

3) B L A N K E T   S C A L F // R I V E R   I S L A N D 

River island is one of my favourite places to shop, I trust the sizing and equaliy the quality, and is it just me or has the prices slowly got cheaper this year? A scalf is an autumn staple and a quick save for any boring outfit, also great to hide your tum  if your jeans are a tiny bit too tight after that massive meal... all. The. Time. 
You can find it HERE for £18

4) T H E   B O M B   S H E L L // S P E C T R U M 

Ok,  now I know I mentioned spectrum brushes in my last wish list, but I had no idea something this beautiful was just around the corner! For near enough £80 I don't think I could ever justify it but they're nice to dream about, right? 
You can find them HERE for £79.99

5) T O A D S T O O L   D U V E T   S E T // A S D A 

I'm normally so...anal...(literally can not believe I have used that word on my blog but I can't think of any other way to describe it, I feel like I need to be cleansed ahaha) about what I put in my room as its strictly black, grey and white but this is so super cute! I also find the quality of Asda bedding is brilliant and so soft!
You can find it HERE for around £10

Wait, for the first time ever I have actually committed to only 5 products, this is a first, clicks for chloe haha! I hope this has been helpful and don't forget to leave a comment telling me what you're abso dying over this month!


  1. I have the same love of those spectrum brushes!!!! heart eye emojis definitely :D So stunning! Those bedcovers are adorable, away to check them out now :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

    1. They're honestly the most beautiful brushes, im sat here waiting on that makeup revolution dupe!😂 Fingers crossed aye haha! Thankyou for commenting Erin, it makes me feel like someone actually reads my posts haha🌻Xx


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