Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Life update&The relationship tag!

HI GUYS! so a lot has changed since the last time I've posted on this blog, ive had a really tough couple of months and really took a step back from social media and it's honestly done me the world of good, although I'm super happy to be back! I started a new Instagram @clolaurenn which already has 1,500 followers, like what?! I'm not even that interesting am I? I'm also now part of a blogger group with some amazing girls in and am receiving so much love and support, I just feel  really accepted by the beauty blogger community and although I'm no zoella, I'm defiantly getting there! 

I've also just finished my first year of travel and tourism at college, I didn't excellent plan on doing 4 years of college but I really didn't enjoy my first 2 years and travel and aviation has always been a massive passion so I thought while I still had the amazing opertunity of free education I enrolled and I am loving every second of it, it feel so good to finally know what I want to do.

I've decided to do the relationship tag because I want you guys to really get to know me more and my boyfriend is honestly the most important part of my life, I've never really had that close family bond with anyone apart from my grandad but I only like to tell him positive things and not bring him down, althoughI know he would 10000% be there in a heartbeat!
Anxiety and a depressive mindset can be such a heart thing to try and explain to anyone but he really tries to understand, and when he can't even try to understand he will just be there and I'm so lucky to have such an amazing soul in my life and I'm so great full to share every memory with him 

Also I know you're suppose to ask him the questions but he's so camera shy so I figured I'd just answer the questions myself!

My boyfriend is called Martin, he is 19 years old and is a self employed builder in a family run business with his cousin, I'm so proud of him for doing so well and more importantly he loves what he does! He has the biggest heart and is so family orientated which is what I love about him!

Anyway, enough of me wittering, here's the.... BOYFRIEND TAGGGGG. 


*cue mastermind theme tune*

1. where did we meet? ||| we actually met the good old fashioned way and it's actually a super cute story, I'm the summer loads of groups of people from the town I live in all hang out on a big field called 'town park'... Genius name I know ahah, but anyway the field is full of groups of people having picnics, camping, singing, playing football etc and his group of friends asked my group of friend to come and sit with them, we no joke never left each other's sides from that moment and spend 26 days and nights in a row together, everyone told us 'you'll get bored of each other' 'it's the honey moon period' but 2 years on we're still insepritable! 

2. what was our first date?   ||| Our first date was to the sea life centre as he knew I loved the ocean and sea life, although I was so poorly and was sick on the way home! How embarrassing!

3. where was our first kiss and how was it? ||| Our first Kiss was... On the first day we met (sorry!) in my bed room (sorry!), no that sounds a lot worse that what it was actually like don't worry! It's was 3am and he had walked me the over an hour walk home, it was CHUCKING it down so I let him sleep in my sisters room (my family were hardly home), he gave me a kiss goodnight and waited for me to fall asleep before going to bed. 

4. did u know that he was the one || I honestly can't remember my first impressions, although I do remember trying to sneak a picture of him to show my friends which if I can find I'll insert it! I had quite low self asteem and was used to being messed around so probably not at first, after the first week or so though I knew it wasn't just a summer romance!

5. when did u meet the family ||| omg guys honestly I'm so glad this is a question! So he told me we were going to his to get his coat, I walked in and there was a massive family party, I could have literally died! They were all expecting me as well, I was so nervous but it actually turned out to be such a good night and I love them all so much now!

6. do we have a tradition ||| I have so many in my head right now! But my favourite ones are, taking a kissing selfie at 12 on New Years, watching 'how I met your mother' every Sunday morning, giving each other presents the day before our birthdays and we both Solomly (is that even the right word) to take a picture of any crocs and socks we see! 

8. what was our first roadtrip ||| So I was going away on holiday 2 weeks after we met with my god mom who's a foster career, one of her kids couldn't come at last minute so Martin came instead, so I guess Greece in 2014!

9. who said i love u first? ||| Martin said it first, he said good night every single night then one day put 'night I love you' 

10. what do we argue about the most |||  Probably over not putting things in the wardrobe for me and then for him watching YouTube videos too loud!

 Martin is answering these questions about me by himself, I'll put a y/n!

14. whats the one food dont i like || 'you're so fussy so it's easy, but chillie ' ~ Y
15. we go out to eat what do i get to drink || 'j20 and lemonaid ' ~ y
16. what size shoe do i wear ||| ' 3?' ~ Wrong, I'm a 4, although he did plead me to say he got it right!
17. if i was collecting anything what would it be ~ 'postcards' ~ Y
19. what would i eat everyday if i could ~ 'mash potato' ~y

  so that's it! Now you know all their is to know about my relash with m dawg... Joking! But I hope youve enjoyed this post and if you've got his far leave a comment below saying 'I love Moldy cheese' !:)

thanks for reading!


Clo X


  1. Great post! I loved reading the relationship tag, your answers are so cute, especially about how you met his parents.

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

    1. Ahh thanks beaut! I love reading people's tag posts ☺️ Glad you enjoyed!x


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