Monday, 8 February 2016

Sigma Mr.Bunny review.

A while ago now I managed to get my hand on these Sigma Mr bunny brush set, I had never tried any Sigma brushes before so didn't really know what to expect, they cost around £117 I believe so a bit of a pricey purchase so to help you guys I thought I'd give them a bit of a review before you splash the cash!  


I'm mixed on this, I mean the packaging is Beautiful, the box itself has been so well thought of and is defiantly keep worthy, especially impressed by then card 'ribbon' on the top of the box, a nice little bit of detail which gives a more expensive feel to them.
The brushes also look very luxury and expensive, I'm a hater of matte wood so the shine on the brushes wood makes me very happy, I'm also a big fan of the holographic print which the text is wrote in, very easy to read and so far, has lasted with no rub off!
The sigma logo is also engraved into the metal of the brush, again a small bit of detail which doesn't go un noticed. The colouring however is not AS  impressive, I just feel like black an silver is so common on a makeup brush, am I right?


THEY'RE SO FLUFFY IM GONNA DIE! no but seriously, the quality of these brushes is amazing! I was expecting good things but they honestly exceeded my expectations, the brush quality can not be at fault.
Not one hair has fell out my brushes since I got them 3 months ago, I have also since brought another set, ( the Jaqueline Hill set) and the quality is just as good so I recommend these to anyone, yes they may have been over £100 but they will last many years and the set includes a brush for every desire so how can you not?
The holographic text on the brush has also not shown any signs of warring off, even after being thrown around in my makeup bag and in the mouth of a 4 year old.
Over all, I'm VERY impressed with the quality of these brushes.

Worth the money? 

One hundred percent yes they are worth the money, the brushes are available in blue or black I believe so a bit of choice there. They are around £117 for the set of 12 which works out around £10 per brush, slightly more than a RT brush but a lot better quality than a RT brush.
I will recommend these till the day I die so treat yourself girls and boys!:)




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