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Friday, 21 April 2017

When I was around the age of 13 I had the biggest obsession with Technic nail varnishes, to the point where every single time I visited my town centre, I had to buy one, so for them to send me some of their most popular products is such an achievement for me and I couldn't not review them!
Technic makeup review
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T e c h n i c  g e t  g o r g e o u s  h i g h l i g h t  i n   '' 2 4 C T  g o l d '' // £2.91
Technic makeup review

As soon as I saw this this product I knew I would love it, without even touching it you can tell it has a beautiful buttery texture, and not to mention it's a stunning shade!
It is advertised as a bronzing highlighter, which I can imagine looking so pretty on people with fairer skin, but as I have quite tanned skin  this works better for me as a highlighter, and a girl can never have too many aye.
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C o l o u r  f i x  c o n c e a l e r   k i t  // £5
Technic makeup reviewCream concealing is something that I really want to get into, if I'm honest, I had been put off after really not getting on with the ABH contour kit concealer shade, the product was too hard and impossible to blend so I guess I just assumed they were all like that, which is where the Technic palette comes in.
Like I said, I don't usually use a  cream concealer, but for the sake of wanting to give an honest review, I decided to give it a go, and it was so easy! The product blends like a dream and I didn't find myself just taking off my previous layer of foundation, it looked so pretty after and not at all cakey and grey toned, which is something I worry about when using cream concealer products due  to wearing fake tan.
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J u i c y  s t i c k  i n  '' w a t e r  m e l o n '' // £2.19
Technic makeup review
Before I say anything else, just know, that this product will NOT budge, like literally, this little beauty has the lasting power of spaghetti sauce on a white top...its lit.
I swatched this on my arm and 2 showers later, it was still a tiny bit noticeable, I mean what more can you want? For just over £2 I am blown away by this lipstick and will defiantly be buying some more shades for the summer, they even sound summery...'juicy' ahh!
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G e t  g o r g e o u s  h i g h l i g h t  i n  '' p i n k  s p a r k l e ''  // £2.79
Technic makeup reviewI will always be honest with my reviews, and with this product, I must say I really couldn't get it to work for me, and it's not  Technics fault, it just happens that the product doesn't suit my skintone as either a blush or highlight; but again, I can see this looking gorgeous on lighter skin tones! The highlight itself is so smooth and soft so it's not a bad product at all, it just didn't work for me how it was suppose to, I will however be keeping this in my theatrical makeup draw as I can see it working perfectly in some of my themed looks, so for again just over £2, i can't complain.
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S t r o b e  F X  c r e a m  i n  '' s u n k i s s e d '' // £3.49

This product is incredible, I've been using it under my foundation to bronze up my skin for the past 2 or so weeks and I've had endless amounts of people tell me I'm 'glowing', this adds radiance to your skin which lord knows, my dry skin needs! I'd never tried a strobe cream before this and must admit I didn't, and still don't, have any idea what it's  used for , but if it works how I use it then it's a win in my books!
This comes in 2 other shades so don't worry if this looks too dark for you, or too light even.

B r o w  p o w   e y e b r o w   p o w d e r // £2.50

Technic makeup reviewWhen I first saw this I was genuinely terrified, I'd never seen anything like it and honestly had no idea how to make it work; on one end is a smudger type tool soaked in a cream to liquid pomade and the other is a large chubby spoolie.
I received mine in medium brown and I would say the tone is more ashy and cool than warm, which for most skin types is perfect! I surprisingly found this so simple to use and genuinely liked the wayy brows turned...turnt? out. When I first saw the applicator I low-key expected some serious slugs but that was absolutely not the result!
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Technic as a brand are  one to be watched, I personally have known of their products for a few years now but have defiantly seen a rise in popularity this year, which I'm sure will continue as their products can not be faulted. After trying some of these products and then googling their prices I couldn't believe it and already have quite the wishlist!

All prices are an avarge price as technic currently have their own website under construction, but to find some more of their products just have a browse on some of the linked products sites!

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  1. I've never used this brand myself. When I was younger I would always head towards the rimmel stand so I completely get where your going with that haha.

    The one which caught my eye had to be the Pin K Sparkle highlighter. It's a shame it didn't work as good on, even though it seemed like a good product. It's never easy trying to pull of these purple and bright tones they are bringing out now! I'm always impressed with girls who am. That never seems to be me though!

    Great post I really enjoying reading about this brand. In the near future I think I should rectify having never used it!

    Alys |


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