Whats in my Z-Palette.

Monday, 23 October 2017

When I first started getting into makeup, the Zpallete was my goal, I literally used to have a recurring dream about going into a shop and picking them what shades I wanted, I also always  watch youtubers videos on their zpalettes and it become some sort of weird obsession... which is were this blog post came from, what’s In my z palette!

Whats in my Z- Palette

I literally cant even tell you how hard i've tried to get them in the perfect shade layout, but it’s harder than it looks! D you go on the actual shade or the shade it looks in the pan? I feel like this is a good point to apologise to any of my readers whom suffer from OCD....im sorry y'all. (shamelessly adding some Hannah montana vibes).

Whats in my Z- Palette

Instead of typing trying to explain which shade is which I thought it would be so much easier to actually type on the picture, I also think it looks a lot better.

Whats in my Z- PaletteWhats in my Z- Palette

My most used, and recommended,  shades are probably, Chickadee, Morocco (MAC Redbrick dupe), Coco bear (Mac BrownScript dupe), and Shimma shimma. A few of the shades I'm not too keen on surprisingly the MAC shades, I find mac blushers work so much better than the eyeshadow pans, and overall I find makeup geek better quality for money.

Whats in my Z- Palette

I feel like  its important to mention that this set of swatches really do not do the shades any justice, Cherry cola for example, is such a gorgeous dark berry tone when on the eye but the swatch looks quite dull.

- My 'go to' combo's -

chickadee, morocco, Aphrodite.

Mango Tango, Simply Marlena, Sketch.

Peach smoothie, coco bear, Cherry cola.


And that's enough blabbering for one post! I was always taught to not start a sentence with and...but does that rule still count when blogging? ANYWAY haha, I really hope you've enjoyed this post and it would be such a big help if you could comment bellow your favourite Z palette compatible shades, especially bright shades, momma lovessss a blue eye!

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