Jeffree Star 'Beauty Killer' tutorial.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

( please note that I filmed this a long while ago but couldn't upload at the time, since filming this I personally think I have improved loads but I thought I may as well upload this anyway. )

Honestly, it's crazy how much what you like can change in a year, when this palette first came out I was shocked that anyone would pay £40 for a palette with so many hard to use shades in, I never in a million years thought I'd ever buy it and even think about using a bright pink shade in my day to day look...but a year later, here I am and I honestly have to say, the bright pink shade is my absolute fav!
I created a short sped up video using the beauty killer palette so this post won't contain a lot of writing but I thought I'd quickly explain the products used, 

B R O W S //
Anastasia brow wiz in the shade 'dark brown'. HERE

P R I M E //
Nars creamy concealer in the lightest shade, (learnt this trick from makeup artist Plouise) HERE

G L I T T E R //
This glitter I actually got in a set from amazon and it's so good! HERE 
For glitter glue I just used my Eylure lash glue. 

S H A D O W //
For this look I used the Jeffree star 'Beauty killer' palette,
 I started with Courtney in the crease as my transition shade followed by Star Power which I added in small amounts and blended until I had the colour I wanted.
I next went in with violence and vanity to deepen the crease, it doesn't have to be too neat as I then used my nars concealer to cut myself a sharp lid shape. 
After applying the glitter I then went back in with vanity to deepen my crease more. 
I then applied Mac fluidline black gel liner along my lash line and used it to outline the corner of my lid which I then blended out using black rainbow.


This was my first sped up tutorial video so I'm sorry it's not the best lighting or quality but I'm hoping to do a lot more and get better at it! Let me know in the comments which other palettes you'd like to see a look from!


  1. It's such a pretty look, I love the shades xx

    Gemma Etc.

    1. Thanks babe, I love purple tones, I find they make a look seem more worked on even when it’s not x

  2. Love this look! The glitter lid is perfect :) xx


    1. Thank you Hun! I love myself some glitter xx


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