Missguided Wish List.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

If you follow me on Twitter or Snapchat then you will already know how much I LOVE Missguided, not only do they have an thousands of amazing ' normal '  clothes but they also have a wide variety of clothes carefully thought out and made to suit  Petite, Tall, and Curvey gals.
For reference, I am a large UK 16 and never have a problem with sizes, I've never ordered a 16 and it not fit.
What I also love about Misguided is that they have free returns, I am picky with clothes and struggle to find things I feel comfortable in so knowing I can buy things and just send them back stress free if I don't like them is honestly such a load of my mind, and one of the main reasons I hardly shop anywhere else.
Be sure to check out Misguided website ( Here ) and ill even let you blame me for any purchases you make haha! 
ANYWAY, here are the items I've been crushing on lately.
Missguided Wish List.

⇦   P l u s   S i z e   K h a k i   C a m o u f l a g e
    S l o g a n   S h a c k e t


Missguided Wish List.

 U l t i m a t e  O v e r s i z e d   P a d d e d
J a c k e t  ⇨



Missguided Wish List.

⇦   M o n a c o   D r o p   S h o u l d e r
 S w e a t s h i r t


Missguided Wish List.

B a r b i e  x  M i s s g u i d e d  G r e e n
C a m o  P r i n t  T  s h i r t  ⇨

 ⇦ R e d   D e n i m  M i n i  S k i r t

Missguided Wish List.

H i g h  Wa i s t e d  R i p p e d  S k i n n y
J e a n s  ⇨
£30 ... £10.50


What items are on your Missguided wish list? This is literally not even a quarter of the items on my actual wish list but I doubt anyone would want a 7 page blogpost...

please note that affiliate links have been used on this page but I've also added the exact name of the items so you can search them for yourself if you didn't want to use my link.

toodle pip

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